QWS F-7 Series

Chewblet ice makes everything taste better!

Compact, attractive QWS F-7 Series ice and water dispensers provide fresh, filtered water with the added benefit of Chewblet ice.

7 reasons

to choose QWS F-7 Series for employee refreshment

  • Compact

    Only 17.5" tall to fit on counters under cabinets

  • Drainless

    No drain required - Place it anywhere!

  • Sanitary

    Hands-free ice dispensing minimizes cross contamination by eliminating scooping

  • Efficient

    Lowest energy and water consumption of similar sized ice machine

  • Attractive

    Stylish design complements any work space

  • Antimicrobial

    Agion silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components

  • Refreshing

    Consumer-preferred chewable Chewblet ice and optional water filtration provide high quality refreshment. Ideal for iced coffee and iced tea


We have what you need

QWS F-7 Series offers the industry's largest selection of ice and water dispensers with more than 40 sizes and configurations to meet your needs - countertop, freestanding, wall-mount and undercounter configurations.