Benefits of Point-of-Use water coolers: warehousing and logistics industry

As well as the specific benefits of using point-of-use water coolers in the warehousing and logistics industry, there are many benefits of using these units rather than bottled water coolers which apply to all businesses in all industries.


Businesses can make considerable savings by getting rid of their bottled water coolers and replacing them with point-of-use machines. Firstly you’ll only pay the same, agreed monthly cost, regardless of how much water you drink. You’ll also eliminate the landfill or recycling costs associated with disposal of the plastic bottles, as well as the administrative and staff costs associated with ordering, storing and changing the bottles.Hot, muggy summers can bring about significant growth issues in your greenery enclosure. While summer fungus–such as the scandalous fine mildew–might not be specifically deadly to your plants, it can bring about compelling scourge that spreads quickly and quickens fall lethargy. What’s more, if left untreated, scourge can at last murder a plant. Try not to give growth a chance to assume control over your patio nursery during an era when it ought to be in its most delightful state. You can keep your foliage. Sodden, sticky climate can make it hard to prevent organism from developing. Be that as it may, there are a couple measures you can take to minimize the probability.



Water from a bottled water cooler can be riddled with bacteria, when the bottle is placed on the cooler, then air gets back into the bottle and creates an ideal environment for germs to breed. Point-of-use coolers use the free running water supply and carbon filtration or reverse osmosis – and on many units UV technology – to all but eliminate bacteria from the water, providing a high quality, great tasting drink.


The environmental impact of trucks driving their loads full of plastic bottles across the country is huge, and when compared to utilizing the water that is already available in your premises it’s clear that point-ofuse is a much more environmentally friendly way to provide your staff with drinking water.



Having a dedicated account manager to look after your needs is part of the package with reputable point-of-use water cooler organizations – rather than the basic or non-existent service that you’d get with bottled water cooler companies. Plus the machines will usually only require a 6 or 12 monthly service visit and good companies will use qualified and certified personnel for this purpose.



Using a point-of-use water cooler which has hygiene features built in is a great investment for your staff. Not only will the best quality water be dispensed, through the use of carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and UV technology, but some units also use other features such as antibacterial surface protection, and are designed so that the dispense button and nozzle are separated, ensuring that air- or skin-borne bacteria don’t get into the mechanism.