At school, when you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle and pushing alternatives to sugary drinks, QW POU bottleless water dispenser systems are an essential tool. Drinking plenty of clean, healthy water keeps students alert and functioning at their highest level. And now, water at school has never been easier. QW has developed a bottleless water cooler (or bottleless water dispenser system) that serves up the purest and best-tasting water around. Students will be lining up to fill their cups. The good news about water at school from a bottleless water dispenser is that our high-capacity machines can stand up to the demands of the busiest campus and the rigors of school and university life.

Furthermore, many universities and colleges offer meal programs to students, and by installing a QW POU bottleless water cooler, water at school can turn out to be a great refreshment in a very cost-effective and sustainable way.
Free access to cold, fresh water all day long from a bottleless water dispenser lessens the attraction of sugar-filled cans. Plus, water at school keeps staff at their best, too.


Your employees deserve the best water from their office water cooler dispensers. De-hydration reduces the mental and physical ability and leads to sudden fatigue. QW office water cooler dispensers can transform the workplace with a continuous supply of clean, fresh, great-tasting water.

What’s more, the cost of transporting, storing and disposing of bottles (large or small) is eliminated (a great security benefit for many organizations) when opting for water coolers for offices. Time, energy and fuel are all conserved. The risk of injury from hoisting those bottles is gone, while healthier employees mean less time off for illness.
Perfect for any type of space…


QW POU commercial water purification systems are a source of dynamism, ener-gy and performance for factory employees, eliminating the sluggish effects of de-hydration. QW’s robust high-capacity commercial water purifier models deliver the purest water possible all day long, no matter how many people are filling their cups.

What’s more, QW POU commercial water purification solutions are so affordable, you can place our commercial water purifier systems in many manufacturing and warehouse areas, providing staff with fast access to healthy, refreshing water whilst on the go (vital for some organizations working in hotter environments). Thus you are maximizing effective productive time, and reducing the instances of staff needing to leave their work area to maintain hydration.


Offering customers pure, fresh, delicious-tasting water from point of use water cooler dispensers reflects your high standards and commitment to quality. QW POU (point of use) water dispensers also reduce costs, simplify logistics and show that your company is socially responsible by looking after employees and reducing its carbon footprint.

What’s more, QW point of use water cooler solutions are a way for hotels to demonstrate their approach to sustainability, whilst also offering customers an add-ed-value service. The convenience and dependability are also ideal for the break-fast/dining area where filtered and purified tap water from a point of use cooler is increasingly in demand.


The water we and our children drink should be the most perfect on the planet. Liquid purity. QW POU (point of use) water dispensers give your family the freshest, healthiest, best-tasting water possible. And total peace of mind.

Our innovative technology in point of use water cooler systems is now available in the home, with a range of sleek and stylish products offering the option of instant chilled, room temperature or sparkling water. Sitting next to the coffee maker, plumbed into the mains, our machines produce glass after glass of wonderful water.

Sound good? It gets better. Banishing bottles saves money and reduces your carbon footprint, too. Start using a QW point of use water system in your home and office to make your contribution to natural resource conservation.


Unbeatable Defense against Nosocomial Infections
Hygiene can be a matter of life and death. And when drinking water purity is a premium, only QW Firewall™ systems meet the need.

Risk Assessment

Tap water or traditional hospital water fountains can contain contaminants including pathogens such as Pseudomonas, Legionella, Streptococcus and E. Coli. When it comes to healthcare, water quality must be of paramount importance. Especially among those who are immunocompromised and those high dependency patients in critical care units.

A Quality Managed Water System

Established hospital hygiene regimes specify a weekly cleaning of water dispensers. As the Firewall™ sanitizes the dispense outlet every time water is dispensed, this provides an engineered and dependable solution that does not rely on human intervention alone.
Our revolutionary Firewall™ technology is 99.9999% effective against microbes, 100% of the time, according to leading independent laboratories. It treats hospital water with UV purification milliseconds before it lands in the cup, and stops back contamination from outside. This process creates the freshest, nicest-tasting, cleanest water there is. It’s perfect for hospitals, clinics and care homes.

An additional hygienic defense mechanism, a silver antimicrobial called Bi-oCote® inhibits the growth of micro-organisms providing additional surface protection.
The net result. An engineered out solution to the risks posed by Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) from water coolers.