Water Cooler Sparkling


The stylish new QWS WL 3 uses Firewall UV purification to wipe out impurities ensuring an optimal quality of water at whatever time you dispense. The innovative Firewall technology has been designed by us to purify drinking water, typically reducing any bacterial contamination by up to 99.9999%, and also acting as a barrier, maintaining the hygiene of the dispenser. Our unique design also results in a good capacity to provide hot, cold, ambient, or sparkling water, whenever you want it.



Unrivalled performance from the world-class point-of-use (POU) water system This advanced water purification system combines refined engineering and high-tech features in a robust and reliable machine. The QWS WL7 Firewall can dispense a large volume of ice-cold and bright sparkling water. Ideal to satisfy all the hydration needs of the busiest workplaces.



Lighten Your Load
Lavit greatly reduces water/beverages storage, restocking and refrigeration


QWSW 7000

Alkaline Water for Wellness
Smart, Healthy, Eco Friendly Bottleless Drinking Water. Eliminate the hugh cost, lifting, storage, spilling, delivery and contamination that comes with plastic bottled water delivery services.