Unbeatable infection prevention and control from a water cooler

Background: Healthcare organizations continue to innovate and employ higher standards in the fight against healthcare acquired infections to protect patients and staff. But, challenges still exist and infectious microbes in water are continuing to threaten patient and employee health.

Tap and water fountain water is often contaminated in the distribution network and building plumbing. Bottled water is also vulnerable to contamination from handling and their open systems. Faucets are increasingly being cited as a serious source of Pseudomonas, Streptococcus and E. Coli. infections.

The Solution: QWS revolutionary Firewall technology is featured in many of our water coolers for pure water.

Why QWS for patient health?

• EVERY DROP SANITIZED. Firewall™ sanitizes the dispensing outlet every time water is dispensed, this provides an engineered and dependable solution that does not rely on human intervention alone.

• 99.9999% EFFECTIVENESS. Firewall is 99.9999% effective against microbes, 100% of the time, according to leading independent laboratories.

• PURE & GREAT TASTING. This process creates the freshest, pure and cleanest water there is. It’s perfect for hospitals, clinics and care homes where germs are not welcome.

• BIOCOTE. QWS coolers have an additional hygienic defense mechanism, a silver antimicrobial called BioCote® inhibits the growth of microorganisms providing additional surface protection. This is ideal for those more susceptible to germs.

• MEETING YOUR NEEDS. Our machines come in a variety of styles, capacities and can be positioned virtually anywhere in a building.

• DESIGNED FOR YOU. Easy to operate, some machines are ADA designed.

• SAFETY FIRST. With a QWS POU machine, there is no lifting heavy bottles and no accidental water spills.