Water Cooler Floor


Premium features, good capacity, and an excellent price make this water dispenser a popular choice for factories, canteens and offices where a number of coolers are required. The QWS Chiller 3 also has safety detection systems usually found on more expensive models. UV purification is guaranteed for safe, clean, refreshing water and a carbon filtration system means the water tastes beautiful, too.



Specifically designed for use where reverse osmosis filtration is preferred, or where there may be a lower water pressure, this smart dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume. The QWS Chiller GF option ensures high purity filtration that is ideal for contamination situations including boil alerts. Quality and safety are guaranteed in this clever, high-performing machine.



Designed to meet the high demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing areas enable users to easily fill large jugs. With ultraviolet system to maintain water hygiene and large capacity tanks, you are assured a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water.